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How To Collect Memberships Online With ClubPay

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ClubPay has been designed from the ground up for use for organisations such as amateur sports clubs to collect memberships, sell merchandise and courses, sell event tickets or whatever else you can think of… as long as it's legal.

Memberships are perhaps the most common thing sold through ClubPay by our vendors. We have been doing this for over a decade, and in that time, we think we have learnt almost all there is to learn about selling memberships online. Here’s how it works.

Creating Your Membership Form

After you have made your free vendor account by completing our short onboarding process, you are ready to begin. Using ClubPay to create forms is quick and easy. Due to the intuitive drag and drop form builder, you don’t need any technical skills to make them yourself. We will give you all the tools you need to learn the system so you can start creating high-quality forms in minutes.

If you prefer, you can make use of one of our templates that are available upon request. They can be imported onto your ClubPay account with a few clicks of the mouse. All you need to do then is tweak the information, such as the title and description, to suit your purposes. This option is great for those who don’t have time to build a new form from scratch or those who aren’t sure exactly what they need to put on a form. Make use of all of our years of experience, confident that you are collecting all the necessary information as well as following guidelines.

Other vendors prefer an even more hands-off approach. Why not make use of our free support services by emailing our help desk and telling us what you want. We will come back you to shortly after will the first draft for you to either approve or tell us what you need to be changed. We are always happy to help our vendors with their forms.

Enabling Payments and Notifications

With ClubPay, you are able to take instant card payments online. You can choose to set either a one-off payment or a recurring payment. Recurring payments are great for spreading the cost of a large purchase over a more manageable period, or for collecting regular payments, such as a gym membership. Pricing can be set as either fixed or variable. The option to use variable payments gives you the ability to set a virtually unlimited amount of pricing variants on a single form. Want to sell bronze, silver or gold memberships at different prices? No problem. Want to charge a different price per age group? Easy. The possibilities are endless. You can also set up discount codes that can reduce the price by either fixed or percentage amounts.

If you want to receive an email whenever somebody submits your form, it is as simple as typing your email address into a box. If you want to send confirmation emails to those who sign up, as long as you have an email field on your form, it is a simple as selecting the right field. Both are fully customisable. You can edit the email content and choose what form data is included in the emails. You can even use logic settings to send a different confirmation email to users depending on the data they input or the options they select. Of course, if you think getting a notification each time somebody submits a form might be too much, you can just leave them off.

When you sign up to ClubPay, you can choose your payout schedule. This will be either daily, weekly or monthly depending on what works best for you. Your funds will be automatically disbursed back into your bank account in the given timeframe.

Seeing The Results

Once somebody submits a form, the data is ready to view instantly. All data is filterable, searchable and exportable. You can use the data to create reports which can be shared online via a secure UR – useful if you need to give access to the data to somebody that does not have access to the account, such as a coach or manager. Of course, reports can be used to better understand your members and allow you to see what you are and are not doing well. Reports are very useful for segmenting data if you are trying to streamline your process by collecting data for multiple groups in a single form. 

Why You Should collect Memberships Online

Collecting memberships online has proved time and time again to reduce the burden on officials and administrators. The process of collecting memberships becomes far more streamlined and automated once you go online. Data is safer and more reliable when collected using ClubPay and it can be accessed quickly anywhere at any time.

In most cases, it will increase your revenue. As payment tracking is far simpler and easier online, the collection of what would otherwise be bad debts increases. Taking memberships online simply reduces the chance of any payments being missed. Each entry you receive will have a payment status meaning you can see that each one has been paid at-a-glance. You can also search form data by name to find out in seconds if somebody has not yet paid. This makes chasing up those that are yet to pay far easier.

Using an online system prevents you from becoming essentially a small bank. Taking random cash payments, having to find change for those without exact amounts and then deciding what to do with it all at the end is a hassle. There is also the fact that in the modern world fewer and fewer people are carrying cash. People simply want to be able to pay online. Give them the ability to pay wherever they are 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

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