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Sales Management


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Sales are the lifeblood of your Store, and far more importantly, of your organisation. Sales mean revenue; revenue means you can deliver services to your members and your customers.

ClubPay makes sure you can account for every penny - and keep tabs on the vital data you need to collect at the same time as you collect money.

Sales Management Features

ClubPay's Sales Management toolkit offers the following:

Detailed Order Tracking

  • ClubPay allows you to track every order - its Status, how and when it was paid, and the data that was captured with it

Tweak Order Data

  • People make mistakes; ClubPay allows you to edit the data collection elements of any order to ensure you have accurate data

Offline Orders

  • Although increasingly a fact of life, we appreciate that not everyone is comfortable on the Internet and that not everyone is willing to make electronic payments. So you can also enter manual Orders - log the data on the system but take payment the old fashioned way, with cash or cheque

Recurring Billing

  • Sometimes you have something so good you just want it to go on and on... We can help; ClubPay allows you to set up Recurring Payments - great for spreading the cost of a larger payment or for collecting subscription-based payments

Disable Forms & Data

  • In many cases, your Forms will have a shelf life - payments for the 2017 Annual Dinner, Season 2017-18 Membership. When you are finished with these Forms you can disable them to keep your immediate management screens clear without losing the underlying data