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The Benefits


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ClubPay's easy eCommerce services offer a host of benefits to both Vendor Organisations and their Customers.

For customers, ClubPay brings convenience and reliability to what can be a lengthy and frustrating process. For the organisation, ClubPay removes the burden of administration from individuals in favour of an automated approach.

And with automation comes efficiency of time, money and resource. For example...

Benefits For Your Organisation:

  • Reliable, efficient and accessible sales channels - 24x7x365 availability
  • Substantially reduces the burden on hard-pressed Club Officers and Administrators
  • Provides visibility, accountability, auditability and manageability
  • Sell almost anything online - memberships, merchandise, match fees, event tickets, coaching, etc
  • View vital customer and sales data online or download...
  • Financial management information including up-to-the-second order and sales reports
  • Club management information including session lists, subscriptions lists, contact lists and marketing lists of members
  • Electronic collection and storage of NGB Accreditation data, e.g. ClubMark, Charter Club, etc
  • Compliant with the Data Protection Act
  • Gift Aid friendly
  • Removes excuses for non-payment
  • Goes on working long after even the most dedicated official

Benefits For Your Members & Customers:

  • Easily integrate ClubPay into your organisation's main website, offering a seamless experience for your customers
  • Improved communication and information flow between your organisation and your members/customers
  • Ease and convenience of online payment
  • Payment facilities are available 24x7x365
  • Removes the dependence on officers to be around to take payment
  • Allows those who have 'forgotten' to make payment to rectify their 'oversight'
  • Transactions are electronically receipted and start processing immediately – unlike cheques or cash, which may be banked weeks later (if at all!)
  • Provides quality assurance to the information gathering processes around child protection and organisational administration