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Financial Management


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Take care of sales and the financials will look after themselves. Mostly. You'll still want to keep tabs on income and costs and make sure your revenue stream meets plans and expectations.

ClubPay gives you the tools to make your accounting a breeze; at-a-glance views of your income that you can slice and dice according to need.

Financial Management Features

ClubPay's Financial Management toolkit includes the following:

Detailed Tracking of Income

  • Each transaction completed by one of your visitors is logged, detailing how much was collected. You can add filters or create sophisticated, shareable reports to keep your colleagues updated

Full Breakdown of Pay-Outs

  • We'll show you exactly how much you received in each pay-out and when it was made. You can filter the Forms Dashboard to show revenue for a period, sales type, etc

At-A-Glance Management Dashboard

  • We want to make the management of your organisation as quick and easy as possible. So when you log into your Vendor Admin Portal you'll get a summary of recent activity - you can also filter this view by a range of criteria to get you to the view you need as quickly as possible

Sales Reporting

  • Need to delve further into your data? No problem. A range of customisable Sales Reports help you keep tabs on any and all aspects of your sales