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Over a decade of trading we have helped hundreds of organisations collect terabytes of data and many millions of pounds. And we have never lost so much as a penny.

We intentionally labour this point as whatever else we might offer, we categorically offer a safe, secure and dependable way to reduce the administrative burden on officers and administrators. So just how much is your time worth?

Core Features

We've been going a long time, doing things that our customers seem to like. Our key features and functions are very much unchanged:

  • Safe, secure, reliable collection of money
  • Secure, flexible, and compliant collection of data

Features of the New Platform

The introduction of our new platform for 2021 has allowed us to improve what we do and to deliver the things that you have been asking us for:

  • Lightweight, agile, highly portable, service-based software
  • Powerful, logic-driven forms that can be created and published in minutes via a clean, simple, drag-and-drop interface (but we'll still do assisted setup if you prefer)
  • Create smart forms with conditional and branching logic, split across multiple pages, if you wish
  • PCI-compliant credit and debit card payments (no more confusing BACS or 'direct debits' to contend with)
  • Use ClubPay anywhere
    • Send links out on email
    • Embed forms seamlessly into your own website
    • Publish real time reporting via a web page
    • Integrate to a third-party provider

New Financial Management Features

Lots of good things have got even better:

  • Revenue paid directly to Vendor's bank accounts
    • Collection & verification typically takes seven days
    • Funds are paid to your bank account daily, weekly, or monthly, as you prefer
  • Recurring payments
    • Manage recurring subscriptions
    • Spread payments for the convenience of your customers
    • Stick with one-off payments if you prefer
    • Or mix and match
  • At-a-glance Dashboard provides a quick and easy route to key financial data
  • Enhanced sales and charges reports
  • Stripe payments dashboard

New Data Management Features

We've also improved the way we collect and store data:

  • Improvements to form set up and functionality
    • Drag-and-drop set up
    • Wide range of dedicated field types
    • Logic, conditions, pagination, show-and-hide fields
  • Configurable reporting and reporting widgets
  • Enhanced data management
    • Sorting
    • Filtering & searching
    • Reporting & extraction

We're going to take a breather for a little while to get the new platform bedded in and humming along, but we're always on the lookout for ways to improve what we do. Don't be shy about telling us if you have any bright ideas.