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ClubPay are proud to work with clubs and organisations of all shapes and sizes across a wide range of sports.

Almost any club or organisation with members to manage can benefit from our services. We are primarily aimed at those organisations that charge for membership but we do have Vendors who need to collect only data from their members, rather than data and money. Whatever our Vendors need - we will do our best to help. Our system is based around forms so we are able to offer much more than payment collection - we can help you use forms to collect Accident Reports, Risk Assessments, questionnaires and much more.

On Land & Sea

We cover a wide range of sports; we started in the cricketing world, but rapidly followed up with customers from the worlds of football and rugby. Netball is a recent addition to our portfolio. But not all of our Vendors focus on balls and grass; we have several life saving societies who regularly run events on open waters around the UK.

Large & Small

In recent years we have increasingly become the partner of choice for larger organisations, particularly County Cricket Boards. We have helped streamline administration, reduce costs and increase efficiency, allowing them to focus on developing sport within their counties. But size isn't everything; we grew out of grassroots sport and are very proud of the ongoing service we deliver to the many clubs and organisations on our books including charities and other not-for-profit organisations. From a handful of members to many thousands, we are here to help. And everyone receives the same high level of service regardless.

Top Performers and Local Heroes

Our list of Vendors includes some of the best, top performing clubs in the country; it's no surprise that they are successful, they know the benefits that efficient administration can bring to an already well run club. But we also have smaller local clubs who understand the importance of freeing up limited resources to work towards improving the club and the local area, rather than taking care of admin that can be done much more efficiently using our tools.

So whatever your sport or pastime, if you need to interact with members, collect and store data, or collect money, we can help. Just drop us a line to find out how.

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Registered Vendor Admins ONLY

We have created detailed Help Pages for our registered Vendor Admins. You will have received links to these pages in your welcome email. These pages contain detailed descriptions on how to use ClubPay, along with screenshots for added clarity.