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Attendance Tracking

Attendance TRACKING

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What is Attendance Monitoring & Tracking?

ClubPay’s attendance tracking and monitoring feature allows vendors to check members, customers and attendees in or out using QR codes. When you check somebody in the app will instantly display relevant information and update their status.

Attendance can be tracked for a single event, or for multiple events spread across an indefinite period, such as an entire season's training sessions.

How Does it Work?

Once licensed to use Attendance Tracking, you can enable forms to send a QR to the user via a confirmation email. The user can then use this QR code to check in and out of the corresponding event as many times as needed. With the scanner built into the (Android) Attendance Monitoring App, individuals can be checked in or out by simply scanning the QR code. Additional notes can be added if needed.

The Registration Report displays a list of everybody who has been checked in for the selected course or event. At a glance, it is clear which of the listed attendees are currently checked in and which are checked out. Additionally, a list of typical permissions that the attendee has agreed to (e.g. medication, first aid, photography, etc) can be seen along with any notes added.

What are the Benefits?

The most obvious benefit of this feature is the ability to check individuals in and out almost instantly. This can save considerable time, and will ensure compliance with any safeguarding responsibilities.

When you check in an attendee, you will be able to see information such as their emergency contact details as well as Medical Conditions and Allergy Information. This further helps with safeguarding and ensures the data is readily available in an emergency.

It is likely that your club or organisation will be asking users for permissions, such as permission to administer first aid or photography permission. These can be seen within the app so you know what permissions you have for each individual at a glance.

You may want to use attendance monitoring for longer formats such as an entire season of sport. For example, you can check each person in and out for every training session or match, or both. You can then easily see throughout the season how many times an individual has trained and how many matches they have played. It is therefore easy to see if an individual is not training or playing enough, or more importantly, if they are training or playing too much.

What Does it Cost?

Attendance Tracking and Monitoring is an additional feature of the existing ClubPay service. If you want to use attendance tracking, you will need to have an existing vendor account, or if you are new to ClubPay, you will need to create an account. The attendance monitoring feature will cost £1.25 per QR code issued - we suggest this is added to the price of the course.

Each QR code can be used to check in to the course or event an unlimited number of times. This means that if you are running a 30-day course or are monitoring an entire season, only 1 QR code per attendee needs to be issued.