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The Origins Of ClubPay

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While we have a variety of different vendor types signed up to ClubPay, our bread and butter are amateur sports clubs. Once you know how we started, you will understand why. Keep reading to find out why origins make us especially qualified to provide a service for your club.

A Problem That Needed Solving

Back in 2007, when running our local club, we began to get frustrated with the amount of time and effort that went into keeping on top of things. With a senior and a junior section to take care of, the number of paper forms, cash payments and bank transfers became increasingly difficult to manage. Not to mention all the administration and data input.

On the payment side of things, the amount of cash and bank transfers were hard to keep track of. Who had and hadn’t paid can be tough to discern without any solid link between paper forms and payments. That, along with the risk of money getting lost and having to somehow reconcile it all at the end was becoming a burden.

It wasn’t much better when it came to data either. Paper forms can be lost or damaged, which only matters if the writing was legible or the information was correct in the first place. Then, you need a place to store it safely but also be able to access it, which is vitally important when it contains details such as emergency contacts and medical conditions.

With everyone involved being volunteers who worked full-time, all that time and effort was unpaid and cut into a chunk of what would have otherwise been leisure time. We knew that there must be a better way, so we created the system that became ClubPay. A system specially designed to solve the problems individuals who run clubs face, created by those who have had experience tackling those problems themselves.

A Solution That Really Worked

Obviously, when the system was created, it was not intended to generate profit. It was simply a solution to a problem. The running of the club then became immeasurably easier. The amount of time saved on administration was huge and it become a lot easier for our members to make payments and submit data. We also noticed an increase in the amount of money coming in. Those who would sometimes slip through the net no longer did. Almost all payments were being submitted within a month of the request being sent out.

Soon enough, other clubs in our area began to notice what we were doing and asked us about it. They liked what they saw and they wanted us to help them too. That’s when ClubPay truly began, as a system designed to make things easier for clubs without breaking the bank. We have grown steadily since then and we now supply our services to clubs all over the country – and some larger organisations too – with the same principle goal of making things easier for officials at an affordable price.

A Service That Still Remembers Its Origins

We started in grassroots sports, and we remain actively involved in local sport in a real, hands-on, day-to-day capacity. This gives us a real-world perspective on the challenges facing amateur sports clubs and the hard-working volunteers who keep them running. It also drives us to ensure that our customers receive the sort of personalised, club-focused service that we would demand from an organisation entrusted with delivering critical elements of our Club's livelihood. We know how beneficial ClubPay has been to our club and its members and we believe it can make a difference to your club too.

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