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How ClubPay Saves You Time

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ClubPay is an online payment and data collection service. We provide you with the ability to create forms and take payments all in a single package. With us, you can create forms to collect all kinds of data, collect payments for one-off or recurring purchases and access your data easily and quickly 24/7.

But what exactly are the benefits of this to your organisation?

There are many compelling reasons why our service can benefit your organisation, but perhaps the most compelling is the amount of precious time you can save by using ClubPay. Do any (or all) of these questions apply to you?

  • Are you spending a lot of time searching through unorganised or unoptimized records which could be put to better use elsewhere?
  • Is your organisation run by volunteers who don’t want to spend their free time trawling through paper forms or electronic applications to find a single piece of data like a phone number or email address?
  • Do you spend hours looking through bank transfers or stacks of notes trying to figure who has paid for what and when?
  • Are you constantly having to chase up individuals who are late paying or submitting data who always have an excuse as to why they can’t do it now?
  • Do you want a way to do all this with just a couple of mouse clicks and a few keystrokes?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, ClubPay can help you. Here’s how…

Online Forms

With ClubPay, you can create online forms to collect all kinds of data. With a simple drag and drop design, you can create the perfect form without needing any technical skills. Simply choose from one of our many pre-formatted field types depending on the type of data you want to collect, such as email or phone number and use them to build your form. Of course, each field has its own set of properties that can edited to make your form just the way you want it to be. You can create as many forms as you need with no restrictions.

Once you have your form made, you are ready to start receiving entries. All your data will then be viewable, filterable and exportable in seconds. All of the important data you need consolidated into one easy to access place available 24/7. No more rummaging through paper forms or pdfs and nothing ever gets lost. How much valuable time and effort could that save you? And it only takes minutes, sometimes even seconds for your members, customers or clients to fill out the form. If they have a phone and a minute to spare, they can do it. It’s almost never a bad time to submit a ClubPay form.

Online Payments

ClubPay allows you to take instant online card payments on your forms. Once you have your form set up and have made it available to the relevant people, you can sit back and watch as ClubPay does the hard work. When you sign up with ClubPay you are able to choose your own pay-out schedule – either daily, weekly or monthly. We will disburse the funds back to you at the interval of your choosing. There literally isn’t anything else for you to do.

Each entry you get also comes with a status, such as PAID or PENDING. This allows you to see at a glance who has paid without having to match bank transfers or cash to a membership form, registration or whatever else. ClubPay makes your life much easier.

Free Support

Many of our vendors want to create and manage their own form, its quick and easy and we give you all the tools you need to learn how it's done. But some of the others prefer to tell us what they want and let us go to work for them. We provide this service free of charge. Of course, we are always here to answer questions or provide advice and guidance however you decide to do things. Our service is designed to make things smoother for your club or organisation and we are always happy to help. And all at no extra cost.

The Most Cost-Effective Method

At ClubPay, we don’t charge subscription fees. In fact, other than our transaction fee, there are no other fees at all. We don’t have bronze, silver or gold packages like some other options out there, our only package is free. Of course, this means that every vendor, no matter the size, get exactly the same service with no limitations on forms, data, entries or support. It’s never been our aim to extract as much profit as possible from our vendors. You read about our origins here to find out why.

Our fees never go above 2.4% + 20p per transaction (includes payment provider fee). For a package that includes payments and unlimited form use with unlimited data, we think that’s unbeatable value for money. Feedback from our vendors tells us that the uplift in revenue alone is worth the cost, not to mention the time you will save using ClubPay. See our vendor feedback here.

Try a Free Demo

If you want to learn more or see how the system works, you can book a free demo here. Just fill in the form and one of our team will get back to you to arrange a time. They are all done over Microsoft Teams and can be done in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you.

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