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This form should be used only by Vendor Organisations that have completed the Vendor Details Form and have been assigned a Vendor Reference Number. Please use the Help & Support link below for guidance on completing the form.

To help us complete this stage quickly, and to ensure your Micro-Site is as helpful as possible to your Customers, it is important that you provide us with complete, good quality information.

Your Terms & Conditions are a vital part of your relationship with your Customers. Typically we would expect the following:

  • Information and/or links to your Organisation's Rules, Constitution, Codes of Conduct, etc. Your Customers agree to these T&Cs when they sign up for Membership
  • Details of alternative payment methods for those unwilling or unable to use the Internet to make payment
  • Links to printable Membership Forms for those wishing to use offline membership options

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Vendor T&Cs

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