Over a decade of trading we have helped hundreds of organisations collect terabytes of data and many millions of pounds. And we have never lost so much as a penny.

We intentionally labour this point as whatever else we might offer, we categorically offer a safe, secure and dependable way to reduce the administrative burden on officers and administrators. So just how much is your time worth?

Core Features

We've been going a long time, doing things that our customers seem to like. Our key features and functions are very much unchanged:

  • Safe, secure, reliable collection of money
  • Secure, flexible collection of data

Features of the New Platform

However, the introduction of the new platform - you're currently on it - has allowed us to improve what we do and to deliver some of the things that you have been asking us for:

  • Each Vendor now has a separate, standalone, fully customisable website and store
  • More self-service site management functionality put in the hands of Vendors (but we'll still do assisted setup if you prefer)
  • Ability to seamlessly embed a ClubPay Store into a Vendors' own website, e.g. Play-Cricket

New Financial Management Features

We have reviewed how we collect and disburse funds; while our prices are very much at the lower end of the spectrum, we recognise that there are times where monthly disbursements can impact cash flow. We've listened and acted:

  • Revenue paid directly to Vendor's bank accounts as it is collected
    • Collection & verification typically takes up to ten days
    • But any funds owing are paid to your bank account as soon as they are collected and cleared
  • Recurring payments
    • Manage recurring subscriptions
    • Spread payments for the convenience of your customers
    • Stick with one-off payments if you prefer
    • Or mix and match
    • Or offer a choice
    • Good, eh?
  • At-a-glance Dashboard provides a quick and easy route to key financial data
  • Enhanced sales and charges reports
  • Simple, straightforward invoicing
  • Archival of Products and Product Data that no longer require immediate access

New Data Management Features

To prove it wasn't a fluke, we've also improved the way we collect and store data:

  • Improvements to Product Option sorting
  • Improvement to Product Options formatting
  • Enhanced data management
    • Sorting
    • Filtering & searching
    • Reporting & extraction
    • Email outs to all or selected Customers
  • Product Packages - making it easier to control inventory on courses and multi-option events

We're going to take a breather for a little while to get the new platform bedded in and humming along, but we're always on the look out for ways to improve what we do. Don't be shy about telling us if you have any bright ideas.