What Does IT COST?

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We are categorically NOT looking to exploit a market where every pound is hard won. We work as hard as you do to ensure that we add real value and benefit to Vendor Organisations, the people who run them and their Customers.

Much as we might like to offer our services for free, we cannot. However, we do strive to keep costs as low as possible. For example, the more Vendor organisations we sign up and the more transactions that go through the site, the cheaper we are be able to make our services. In over a decade of operation, we have never once increased our prices - in fact they have generally come down.

We don't operate a standard charge as such - see 'Tailored Deals' below - but we do have an indicative rate of 2.4% (plus 20p) of sales. Help us generate new business and you could find you pay a significantly lower rate.

A few organisations choose to pass this on in their fees; most embrace it as a cost of convenience and efficiency. This means that it will cost just £2.60 in every £100 to collect your fees and gather all your customer data in a database-ready format. Available day or night. Rain or shine. High day or holiday. 24x7x365.

Larger organisations with higher throughput will normally benefit from lower rates as we are able to recover our costs that much quicker. If you believe this applies to your organisation, please let us know and we will be glad to review your rate.

Tailored Deals

Regardless of where you start on the scale, there are two things that any Vendor Organisations can do to help us drive down their charges:

  • Sell lots of Products - where an Organisation brings us large quantities of business we will lower their rate
  • Recommend us to new Vendor Organisations - new business increases card throughput and potentially lowers the rates we pay to the card companies, allowing us to reduce the rates we charge Vendor Organisations