What WE DO

ClubPay is a relatively straightforward concept but one that we believe has massive benefits for Clubs & Organisations that collect payments and data from their members or customers. It's your choice whether you lead the setup process or let us do it under your guidance.

Experience suggests that the vast majority of your Customers will be delighted that you are using ClubPay. One or two will regard it as the work of demons and rail against it for lowering house prices in their area. This is normal.

Getting Started

You will need to apply for a Vendor Account. We will process your application and validate that you are a bona fide organisation, then create your Store and assign it a ClubPay subdomain that uniquely identifies it for your customers, e.g. winscomishcc.clubpay.co.uk.

You are then ready to start adding your Products.

Adding Products

Products are the things that you want to sell to your members - merchandise, match fees, training fees, dinner dance tickets and, of course, memberships. Each Product optionally includes a data collection form - for memberships this is pretty much a given. Once set up, your Products start collecting payments and data from your members whenever they need it - 24x7x365.

Keeping Tabs

Your Administrator(s) will be provided with access to your secure, dedicated Vendor Portal. As well as allowing you to make changes to your details and Products, it provides a real time view of Orders, sales totals and any data gathered via eforms.

We also send an email to notify you when each sale is completed.

Billing Periods

Funds - net of our fees - are normally transferred to your bank account within 10 days of completion of the Order.


There are no contracts, minimum terms, setup costs or running fees - you are only charged a small percentage of sales made through your Store. Along with each monthly disbursement we will provide you with a formal, downloadable and printable invoice showing your total sales for the period, our charges and the net amount transferred to your bank account.

Sales Reports & Membership Data

The Vendor Admin Portal provides access to a wide range of sales reports and membership data - these can be viewed on screen, printed off, or downloaded for import into your Organisation's own memberships systems.


  • We are internet-based, so UK-wide (world-wide if necessary)
  • Highly available - close to 100%
  • New Vendors are generally setup within a matter of hours from receipt of application
  • Secure servers
  • Password protected accounts
  • Direct Debits billed reliably and securely from your customers' bank accounts
  • Funds paid directly to your account from our payment partner
  • Reference and other checks made on all potential Vendors
  • Our eCommerce approach is familiar to, and popular with customers
Data Collection & Storage
  • Builds membership data stores via customer interactions – accessible only to the Vendor Club via online Admin Portal
  • Data can be reported directly or downloaded for processing
Cost Effective
  • Free to set up, no running costs, contracts or obligations
  • Vendors pay only for what they sell
  • Rates to Vendors decrease with increasing customer base and throughput, and associated economies of scale