Micro-Site Update

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This form should be completed by established Vendor Organisations who wish to change or update their Micro-Site and key Account details such as bank details or Primary Contact. 

The form serves two main purposes:

  • It allows Vendor Organisations to tell us about changes and updates to be made to the Main Page of their Micro-Site
  • It allows Vendor Organisations to tell us about significant changes to their Account or Administrative details such as Bank Details, Primary Contacts, T&Cs and the like

To help us complete this stage quickly, and to ensure your Micro-Site is as helpful as possible to your Customers, it is important that you provide us with complete, good quality information.

Important Note: You only need to complete those parts of the form where something is changing.

Help & Support

Click on any of the links below for a guide to completing that part of the form:


Vendor Organisation Details

Bank Details

Primary Contact for Customers (Appears On Your Micro-Site)

Logos & Accreditation (e.g. ClubMark)

T&Cs Details

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