Signing up with ClubPay is quick and easy; there's no cost and no obligation.

We recognise that there are likely to be questions; reading What We Do should answer most of your key questions but if not, drop us a line and we will come back to you with answers or arrange a call back.

Once you are content, click on 'Create a Vendor Account' on the menu at the top of the page. This sends us details of your organisation and initiates the setup process.

Safety & Security

In order to protect our reputation and your customers, the setup process is completed manually; we'll review your application and make some checks to verify the identity of your organisation. When these have been completed, we will create your site and let you know when your site and account are ready. This normally takes no more than an hour or two. You can then customise your site and start adding products.

Test Sites & Trial Accounts

Sorry, but we don't offer these; once your organisation is set up, it's Live and ready to start collecting payments and data. Any Orders you complete through your site will be charged real money regardless of whether you intended them to be a 'test'. On the other hand, we don't charge a penny until you process your first Order and there is no charge if you simply stop using our services.

Help & Support

We are here to provide help and support whenever you need it. You can elect to manage all aspects of your site, or ask us to do some or all of the work. There's no cost for that either.

Once you are registered and your Store has been prepared for use, we will provide you with a Vendor Admin login. This will allow you to access the back end of the site - your Vendor Admin Portal where all the management magic happens.

It will also allow you to login to the main part of our site - via the 'My Account' menu item above - to access detailed help and guidance for Vendor Admins, including screenshots and step by step instructions.

Registered Vendor Admins

We have created detailed Help Pages for our registered Vendor Admins. So if you have a Vendor Admin account you can use your details to log into the front end of the site (via 'My Account', above right) to access detailed instructions for managing your Store.