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Data Collection Service


With cheques due to be phased out in the next few years, we are convinced that the ease, convenience and flexibility of electronic card payment is the future for most Clubs. However, while there may be a lucky few who have no issues collecting payment from members; collecting good quality data is a different ballgame.

We can help; for an annual fee we can set up a standard Micro-Site for your Club, complete with information for members and Membership Products. The key difference is that your Membership Products have no cost attached and only serve to collect and collate your vitally important membership data. There are no practical limits to the amount of data you can collect.

You get all the same benefits as our standard product, only you have no sales-based charges. While the package doesn't allow you to put anything other than zero-priced Products on your Micro-Site, you can easily convert some or all of your Products to 'normal' paid-for items. Rates and charges will be subject to individual negotiation depending on the profile of Products and their paid-for status that you wish to sell.

Signing Up

In most respects, the sign up process is very similar to the standard ClubPay process and as usual, we will keep you informed of what is happening and what you need to do as your application progresses. However, for quickest results, please use the following process:

  • As a first step, you should purchase this Data Collection Service, selecting the usage level that best reflects your Club's requirements
  • Once you receive your Order Number by email, please Apply for a Vendor Account
  • On the eForm for the Vendor Account please provide your Order Number in the 'Description' field and add 'Data Collection Only' - we will still need a description of your club, so don't forget to add this too
  • You will receive account details by email, together with full instructions for any further requirements as your application is processed

Please note that this is an annual Product, renewable each year on the payment anniversary. You are under no obligation to keep renewing but we will disable your account if you choose not to renew. You can download your data at any time prior to account closure and we will retain your data for a short period after you cease to use the service.

Cards Accepted

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