Week 18: Wickets!

Sunday 19th January – Monday 20th January

I took the next couple of days VERY easy as opposed to my usual hectic life… I did find out however that I will be coaching at cricket camps at Nudgee from Tuesday to Friday. I’d have the Grade 6’s on Tuesday/Wednesday and the Grade 8’s Thursday/Friday.

Tuesday 21st January – Friday 24th January

Cricket Camp means getting up early. 0530 to be exact. The coaches had to be at Nudgee by 0700 to get things organised and sign the kids in when they got there at 0800. Once everyone was there we hopped on buses over to Toombull Indoor Centre on the Tuesday morning. That place is a sauna. The 2 other coaches and I were sweating just coaching, so I can’t imagine what it was like for the kids. They have inexhaustible energy. Lunchtime would roll around and we coaches wouldd slump down for a rest and some food whereas the kids would have half a sandwich and then go play their own little games of cricket.

Wednesday and Thursday were both at the Flats at Nudgee. It was easier to do some proper coaching with more space and proper nets and it was easier coaching the older boys than the younger ones. I would have liked to have coached the Grade 11’s, mainly because they know how to do the drill you set them properly and understand the importance of working on the basics.

Late on Thursday evening it started to rain and rain hard. It didn’t stop until Friday morning either and coaching was cancelled. I spent the day icing and stretching my hamstring so I can be at my fittest for tomorrow.

Saturday 25th January

It was just coming on to rain when I got picked up for cricket so I didn’t much like our chances of getting a good deck at Uni. I had been put back up into 3rd Grade late on Friday and was the only spinner in the team today. 

It did eventually stop raining but we were about half an hour late starting. We won the toss and were bowling. We didn’t exactly take the early wickets we were looking for. Brad Powell almost bowls too well for 3rd Grade now. He beats the bat every other ball but can’t get a nick. I got brought on after 20 overs or so and took a wicket with my 3rd ball. I finished my first 9 over spell with 2 wickets going into tea. We eventually bowled them out for 170 and I picked up 4 wickets. They only had 10 men so I will claim I was robbed of 5. I had bowled OK but one of their guys got after me a little at the end. I decided to keep tossing it up so I wasn’t worried.

Our ball had done nothing early on and had actually split apart after 25 overs. No such luck with their brand new Kooka. It went huge early on - in the air and off the deck. I got out for 3 in the second over after the ball swung in, then nipped away and got big on me. I popped it back to the bowler. We ended the day 50-5 after some good balls got guys out. We have good players slashed in for next week though so we should be ok. We’re not out of it.

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