Week 17: Gammy Hammy

Sunday 12th January – Tuesday 14th January

I got the leaflets early on Sunday morning which meant I could get them finished a lot earlier. Having them out of the way by Monday evening was very nice. It meant I could do absolutely nothing on Tuesday and Wednesday. Training isn’t going badly but I already know net form means nothing.

I’m hoping that Brody at Nudgee will let me know about some work soon. I’ve made it fairly clear that I’d like to be paid fortnightly so hopefully they get the message this time. Apart from emailing people and the odd Skype home I haven’t had much to do…

Wednesday 15th January

Played a game for the Wanderers today. We were playing Padua College which is near Grammar so we were out fairly early. It’s a weird ground, very open and flat and it seems quite desolate but the square looked OK. I opened with a guy I’d never met before and made 10 before I was out caught at point to a full length diving catch. We made 220 in 40 overs.

Their chase started very slowly as they were kids who had barely played Grade cricket facing a guy called Jon Denning who’s currently playing 1st Grade for Redlands. He’s also played for Cardiff Uni and is on the verge of signing a county contract. He swings the ball miles.

I also met a Scottish guy called Scott Galloway who was also playing for Redlands. It turns out I had faced him on my way to 35 a couple of weeks ago. 

I got a couple of wickets and we won fairly easily. I got twice the wickets Jon got, so clearly I’m twice the cricketer…

Thursday 16th January – Friday 17th January

Barely anything to do these two days. Trained as usual on Thursday night and found out I’ll be playing 4th Grade come the weekend. A lot of guys are back in the top 2 Grades but it’s still annoying.

Saturday 18th January

Rocked up at the usual time to find an absolute belter waiting for us. Mitch did us all a favour and won the toss so we could bat first. Rev and I got off to a decent start but I managed to tweak a hamstring taking on a single. I don’t know whether it was in the back of my mind but I managed to tuck one off my hip straight to square leg soon after. Pyney batted very well and got about 65 and we made 220 ish.

They batted ok but a guy called Tim Rogers bowled very well for us. He got 4 wickets. We did them for about 180 and I only got to bowl 2 overs. I really struggled with my hamstring. I’ll have to be careful this week I think.

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