Week 15/16: New Year's Heave

Tuesday 31st December

Yes, unbelievably I was going out! Basil and I were off down to Australia zoo. He’d never been either so he was happy to go with me. It was a pretty grey day, the only one in the past 2 weeks but it was still warm, so as long as it didn’t rain we’d be ok.

The zoo itself was brilliant. I’ve always been keen on animals and the natural world. I was particularly obsessed with dinosaurs when I was little and they still fascinate me. I love seeing animals that I can’t see back home. The main message of the zoo was that the animals, especially the crocodiles, have gotten a bad rep due to the stupidity of man. I agree. If you know you’re by a river that is inhabited by crocodiles, you don’t go in that river. Even if you don’t know, don’t take the chance!

We saw one of the zoo’s famous crocodile shows. The zoo has a reputation as ‘the home of the Crocodile Hunter’. The show was performed my Steve Irwin’s wife Terri and their two children Bindi and Robert. It was very entertaining and the crocs are certainly impressive. 

We left the zoo around mid-afternoon and headed home. I’d taken a fair few photos because I’ve been called up by people back home for not taking enough pictures. 

Later on Wal and I headed out for a few drinks seeing as it was New Year’s Eve. We headed to the Caxton Hotel and found out it was a neon themed night. I was dressed in the darkest clothes I owned so we somehow acquired glow sticks and that did the trick.

It was a decent night in the end. I went to sleep instantly when I got into bed...rather than before.

Wednesday 1st January – Wednesday 8th January

New Year’s Day was a slow one. I was pretty tired and so was everyone else. The next week pretty much followed suit. I went on a few minor trips to Chermside to get a few things, including new spikes for my boots and a new pair of shorts. On one occasion I went with Nelma while she met a friend. After 20 minutes I had completed my shopping and only had to wait 3 hours before she had done the same!

Nelma also took me on a car journey to see the other cricket grounds in Brisbane seeing as I had only played one away game so far. They all have white picket fences around them, apparently so they look more like traditional cricket pitches. I find this odd because I’ve played on virtually no grounds back home with fences round them. Maybe it’s because a lot of the grounds here are used for more than one sport.

Wal and I went to watch one of the Brisbane Heat games before he vowed never again. He hated the commercialism of it and the fact that most of the fans there are not ‘real cricket fans’. It was a fairly full stadium so there was a decent buzz round the place. The Heat made 210, Craig Kieswetter going berserk at the start and hitting one of the biggest sixes I have ever seen. We left 3 overs before the end because Hobart needed 13 an over. We regretted that. Hilfenhaus hit 10 from the last 2 balls to win the game for Hobart. Wish I’d seen it.

Thursday 9th January – Friday 10th January

We’re back at training now and I feel pretty good in the nets! I know that means nothing when it comes down to match day but it’s something. I don’t feel fit at the moment though. Ducko has us doing a lot of fitness based fielding drills and I am really feeling it. 

That was really all I had to write about for these two days. Good huh?

Saturday 11th January

Third grade for me today as we get back into cricket. Another game at Norths too! We were playing top of the table Gold Coast in an important game that we need to win to help put us in a really strong position.

We batted first and got off to a bright enough start. I made 5 before I played over the top of a yorker. Net form really does mean nothing, 

We made 187 all out in 39 ish overs. Some late power hitting got us up to a competitive score.

Their openers hung around and scored reasonably briskly. So much so in fact that I was brought into the attack whilst we were still in the powerplay. I took a wicket with my third ball and started us off. Their number 4 has scored all the runs for them and he looked a decent player. He was an older guy and knew his game pretty well. I was taken off after I bowled 3 overs 1-9 and didn’t bowl again. I was pretty disappointed by that as I was bowling well. 

The others guys did their jobs well and took wickets but I felt I could have done as well if not better. We removed their main batsman just after drinks and the rest weren’t much cop. They lost wickets at regular intervals and we bowled them out for 150-odd. It was a low scoring game on a decent pitch and fast outfield but we weren’t complaining.

It was a good win, especially seeing as we have to play them down the coast next week. That means a drive of an hour at the very least to play on a ground that isn’t particularly nice by all accounts. I’m just hoping I did enough to stay in the team. Roll on another away game!

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