Week 14: Santa in an England Shirt

Sunday 22nd December

Today was the North’s Christmas ‘party’. It was held at a Boules Club not far from Wally’s house.

It was a bit of a strange event, seeing as none of the clubs higher ranking members, the ones who’d organised it, actually turned up. Nonetheless it was nice to socialise with the guys from the club. 

I think beer is growing on me a little bit, seeing as sometimes it’s the only option. I spent most of the time playing pool with Nick Sale, Eli Rafter and some of the other guys. We left quite early because our lift home, Pyney, needed to go because he was moving house. We and Wal did very little for the remainder of the day.

Monday 23rd December

The leaflets are a bit more complicated this week. We got given them all in one go yesterday but there is actually two lots, one of which was to be delivered by today and one that was not be delivered before the 27th on pain of death! I only found this out when I received a mysterious text message from one of the distributors and after I had already rolled a fair few. I had to undo them all and redo the correct groupings, then go deliver them in one day.

Yes I know that’s possibly the most boring diary entry ever but it’s what happened. Sorry.

Tuesday 24th December

Another fairly quiet day as everyone gears up for Christmas. I still had a few leaflets to do so I got those out of the way early in the morning. Wal and I took a quick trip to Chermside so he could buy a few things and I could grab a couple of Gold Class movie tickets for Basil and Nelma’s Christmas presents. It turned out the cinema wasn’t open so I just kind of traipsed round after Wally. He said he would pop back in pick the tickets up on his way to work, seeing as he needed to come back anyway.

It’s odd. It doesn’t really feel like Christmas, mainly because it’s so hot! I’m sure once tomorrow rolls around it'll all fall into place.

Wednesday 25th December

It’s weird waking up on Christmas day and not having my family around. It was going be a family day today for the Wrights, guest-wise. Micky was over as well as Peter, Geraldine and Paige. Peter’s parents came over later in the afternoon too.

We all gathered in the lounge to exchange presents. I got more than I thought I would. A few Brisbane oriented souvenirs from the Wrights and some clothes and sweets from home. Wal got me a pair of Woodstock gloves which I was very happy with.

Lunch was a bit different to what I’m used to. Because it’s so hot here we had a cold lunch. Buffet-style things with cold meats and salads. It was very nice and it was good to chat to everyone.

The afternoon was pretty similar to being at home! I was the only one who managed to stay awake the whole day. Apparently eating way too much is tiring for people who don’t do it every day… Tomorrow is going to be a bit more hectic, with a lot more people coming round so it’ll be good to meet some new people… I think.

Thursday 26th December

Had a little bit of a lie-in before getting on Skype to Clem and her family to wish them a happy Christmas. Got up and got myself ready for when everyone arrived. There ended up being about 15 people there. Everyone from yesterday plus Wally’s Grandma, and family friends. Everyone I met was lovely and very easy to talk to and I think everyone had a very good day.

The cricket was a little bit more positive for England today however. The boxing day test has always struck me as a great occasion and it must be an incredible experience to play in one. Clarke won the toss and stuck us in. I say it was more positive because we managed to survive a day! Pietersen batted well and hopefully he can kick on tomorrow.

Friday 27th December – Monday 30th December

The next few days were real chill out days as everyone recovered from Christmas. It didn’t mean a break in the leaflets however. It’s starting to get properly, seriously hot now and I thank the stars every day for air conditioning.

The Big Bash has started now and although it’s good to watch and there is some really exciting cricket being played it annoys me because everything is a chance to make some money. To hear former greats like Gilchrist forced to say ‘the Bunnings Warehouse replay’ or ‘Rexona Hawkeye’ every time definitely cheapens the experience. You can almost hear the shame in their voices as they prostitute themselves too.

England flattered to deceive in Melbourne. Almost unbelievably we took a first innings lead of about 50 but we managed to throw it away with another limp batting display in the second dig. They knocked the 230 to win off 2 down. Rogers made 100 and batted well.

Got a fairly good night’s sleep on Monday because I had actual plans for Tuesday!

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