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...or from Winscombe to Woolloongabba: A Cricketing Jammy Sodyssey.

Those of you following our Twitter feed will be aware that Jack - a young man who worked with ClubPay over the Summer as an Administrator - has headed off to parts Australian for a Winter (Summer) of Grade Cricket, Ashes Down Under and general dossing about in a Gap Year stylee.

Determined to extract a pound of flesh from his appallingly fortunate carcase and following dark threats about the availability of his position on his return, we have managed to persuade Jack to keep a journal of his experiences which we will publish here and through which at least one member of staff will live vicariously.

Jack is playing in Brisbane (hence the Woolloongabba reference) for Northern Suburbs CC (the 'Norths' of the title) and his story begins below:

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