Week 13: Gone, But Not Forgot-Urn

Sunday 15th December

Up early to go to Redlands to field all day. Brilliant. The field is awesome looking though. It’s perfectly flat and the wicket looks hard. Shame I won’t get a go on it. The outfield is made of some really weird grass though, it’s very spongey and saps all your energy.

We lost narrowly, bowling them out for 4 more than we made. I fielded OK, but had no real decisive things to do. No catches or anything, I almost ran someone out with a direct hit but he was just in according to the umpire.

The best thing about Redlands is the facilities. Infinitely better than Norths. You could fill out a form, pay $3 and they’d make you a toasted sandwich to order. They had proper changing rooms and showers. The lot! 

I was very stiff after 2 days cricket and so didn’t hang around long before going to bed in the evening.

My fears were right about the Aussie second innings. Warner and Watson both got hundreds and set us 500+ to win.

Monday 16th December

England have been a bit more resilient in their second innings! Cook got another absolute jaffa first ball of the innings. He hasn’t had a lot of luck this tour and neither has Carberry, who’s always been out in a fairly unfortunate fashion. Pietersen look promising but got out. Ben Stokes and Matt Prior batted to the close, after Bell had made a half century, showing a bit of aggression to counter Australia. Things looked altogether more difficult for Clarke when England took it to his bowlers a bit. Shame we’ve been so negative the whole tour.

More leaflets today. Same as most Mondays. Fun.

Tuesday 17th December – Friday 20th December

Well, that's that! England have lost the Ashes. They actually fought fairly hard today which was nice to see. Ben Stokes was immaculate in making his maiden test ton and he has impressed a lot of the locals. I think it’s the way he won’t back down from anyone even though he’s only in his second test. Prior stayed with him for part of the day but once he was gone they fell like flies. 

Surprisingly it doesn’t really feel that bad. No one has really made a point of rubbing it in yet. There has been a few quips aimed at me and DBD at training but nothing major. I’m sure there will be some repercussions.

I went to Chermside on Tuesday morning because I wanted to buy a couple of bat grips. I went with Nelma and she was going to meet Geraldine and do some Christmas shopping. I didn’t realise quite how much Christmas shopping she meant however. I was in and out of Rebel Sports within 10 minutes. Nelma had told me that she would message me when they were ready to go so I wandered around for about 40 minutes before I decided I was tired and bored. I went to McDonald’s, bought a drink and nursed it for about an hour. Still no message. I started wandering round again, deciding to play a game of ‘see how close you can get to the people trying to sell you things in the middle of the aisle without them cornering you.’ Catchy title I know. We had arrived at 9:30ish and left at about midday. My feet were blistered from my ‘thongs’. Flip-flops.

The rest of the week was pretty standard really. Leaflets delivered and so forth. The only other real news is the fact that Nudgee have finally paid me for my coaching work!

Saturday 21st December

Saturday meant a 20/20 game and my final cricket of 2013 - we have a couple of weeks off now. I’m not too keen on 20/20 - I don’t feel like it suits my batting particularly well but I was looking forward to bowling. We batted first and I was back up to opening. I only got 10 but I no one is really looking at your 20/20 ability according to the others in the team.

We got 156, which we thought was fairly respectable and definitely defendable. 

Their opening batsmen weren’t up to much. I opened the bowling too which was weird but I took the challenge. It’s odd that I’ve gone from not bowling to being the guy they look to contain the scoring rate within two weeks.

My first two overs were bowled in the powerplay. The second was a bit more expensive, went for 8 or 9 because they had a big leftie who shanked me to the short boundary twice. He batted through the innings and made a few. I was called on twice more and I finished with 1-26 in 4 overs. I thought that was pretty good considering my economy was well below their required run rate. It wasn’t good enough though, as they chased down our score with an over and bit left. We dropped about 5 catches as a team - I didn’t drop any I hasten to add!

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