Week 12: Redemption

Sunday 8th December

Mum & Dad have transferred some money for me to buy myself something for Christmas so I went to Chappel’s again today and bought a new helmet. I toyed with the idea of getting myself pads but decided I don’t really need them.

Rushed around a bit in the evening because we had to go get the leaflets and be back in time to leave to go for a meal. It’s Mick’s birthday tomorrow so we are going to a decent steakhouse. The food was very good. I had a rump steak, Caesar salad and chips. I also had New York cheesecake for dessert so I went to bed very full.

Monday 9th December – Tuesday 10th December

The last two days have been unbelievably muggy so delivering the leaflets hasn’t been the most pleasant experience. Surprisingly there has been no storm and no rain to show for the humidity, maybe there will be one later on this week.

I’m lucky that I haven’t started copping bouncers in the nets. God knows enough of the guys suggested treating me like one of the English batsmen. I know they’re joking but some of them are the kind of guys who would actually do that.

It’s typical that England have been so awful during what could possibly be the only Ashes series I see in Australia. I bet if I had stayed at home England would have battered Australia all around the park and the score line would be reversed! 

The press here has started to treat England like a bit of a joke, as are the guys at training. If anyone mucks up there’s a comparison to an England player to be made somewhere. The news makes it seem as though they will run all over us again in Perth. We have shown ourselves to be a bit spineless this series and now the Aussies aren’t taking us seriously at all. That’s bad for me as I know I will continue to take my share of abuse because of it. I can’t bowl a bad ball or play a bad shot without some comment being made. Here’s hoping England can turn it around.

Wednesday 11th December – Friday 13th December

I had a pretty uneventful few days bar delivering the rest of the leaflets. The system is a bit weird with those; once you finish delivering them all, you have to call up a number, enter your ‘deliverer number’ so they know who you are and then confirm that the leaflets have been delivered. They don’t actually check they have been. I bet you could throw them all in the bin for weeks before anyone found out. Not that I’m doing that!

England had a more eventful day at the WACA. It was obvious from the second or third ball that there was some serious carry through to the keeper so it was a bit odd not to see any of England’s big bowlers playing. But then again there is not really any room for Finn or Rankin. Who do you drop?

Saturday 14th December

I’d been promoted to Third Grade for a 40 over game and managed to stay there this week. I was slightly surprised and disappointed to find out I’d be batting at 6 but not much I could do about it.

We batted first and got off to a decent start. Tim and Pyney opened up and both got about 30. Everyone chipped in about 30 actually, including me. I got 35. I had come in with about 12 overs to go and got out with about 4 left. I tried giving the strike to Rian Crowther for the early part of my innings. He was the only one who made big runs, smashing 90*. After I’d made approximately a run-a-ball 15 I was seriously struggling fatigue wise. Rian was hitting a lot of 2’s and it was ridiculously hot! 

We took the batting powerplay after 32 overs and I decided that running was over-rated. Rian took a fair chunk of the strike and had obviously had the same idea as me. I made my way to 35 with 4 consecutive 4’s before I got out caught behind trying to heave one for six. We ended up 290-6 off our 40 overs so we were pretty confident.

Our bowlers didn’t get off to the most brilliant start. They had one guy who swung from the hip from ball one and hit it properly hard. I actually got a bowl this week, but not in ideal circumstances. I was on in the 6th over and was charged with the task of regaining some control. 8 overs, 28 runs and 2 wickets later I think I achieved my goal and the team's. I had picked up the guy who was smashing it (bowled) and then got another LBW soon after. Hopefully this means I’ll become a regular fixture with the ball.

We bowled them out for 220 and won pretty convincingly. We hung about for a while and then headed home.

England did pretty well on day 1 and the start of day 2, bowling Australia out for under 400 but as usual the batting effort wasn’t exactly up to it. Bowling them out cheaply is the key now. Not hugely confident on that front seeing as Warner loves a second innings score...when there’s very little pressure on.

At about 10 o’clock Wal broke the news that I would have to sub field in Second Grade on Sunday...

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