Week 11: No Mo...vember

Sunday 1st December

First order of business for today: shave! I’m glad Movember is over, I was starting to look a bit ridiculous. There were a few leaflets left to do so I went and did them, funnily enough!

Didn’t have much to do today so Wal and I watched ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ followed by ‘Argo’. Both were excellent and I would recommend them almost as highly as a Chicken Parmigiana. 

A combination of the fact that it gets dark so early and watching films always seems to tire me out, meant I went to bed pretty early as I was zonked! Sorry to anyone who thought today would be thrilling.

Monday 2nd December – Tuesday 3rd December

I’ve found myself feeling strangely empty at about 3pm the last couple of days. I’ve usually got stuff to do but now coaching is finished I don’t, I went out and walked down to the shops and got some food on Monday and that was about as exciting as it got. Unless you get a kick out of the thought of an 18 year old delivering leaflets. If that’s you; seek help. 

We weren’t able to go to cricket again tonight because Wal was working a bit later. It got me out of some stress related banter to be fair. I was so bored I actually bought people’s Christmas presents! 

Christmas is going to be weird this year. I’m sure the Wright’s will have an excellent day planned but I’m so used to being at home! Clem and I even stay at home on Christmas day to be with our families. I suddenly get very traditional around Christmas. I like the tree to be up and the lights on and for everyone to sit together and be a family. Don’t know why. 

Wednesday 4th December – Friday 6th December

Training on Wednesday was a mixed bag. I didn’t field particularly well but I batted and bowled nicely. Because I don’t bat until near the end of the session due to the fact I’m in a lower grade I got most of the time the others were in the nets either bowling or getting throwdowns. In the end I probably got more batting than the other guys.

Thursday was generally good. Again I batted and bowled pretty solidly and my fielding was infinitely better. Even though I’m hitting the ball well I don’t feel like I’m moving as well as I can but hopefully it’ll be OK by the weekend.

Originally I was selected in Fourth Grade but on Thursday I was moved up to Thirds. I’m not sure who was away but obviously they decided they wanted to come back because by Friday I was back down in Fours. Wally had warned me that the selections are liable to change at any given moment by that was ridiculous.

I’m starting to take a bit more banter from the guys at training now that Australia are so far on top. I mostly get it from Wally and his parents, who say things like ‘did you enjoy the Test today Jack?’ whenever they get home from work. It’s not subtle or massively witty but its classic mickey-taking. Hopefully England can put up a bit more of a fight going forward.

Saturday 7th December

I didn’t see any of the Test today but apparently Australia rolled England. Again. It’s getting to be a bit of a joke and the guys around the club are laughing at England now.

We played Wynnum in a one day game. Geraldine’s husband, Peter, plays for them so there was a bit extra on the game. Unusually, Basil scores for Wynnum as he refuses to score for Norths. He is a lifelong member at Souths, Norths biggest rivals.

We lost the toss and fielded first. Again I didn’t bowl and it’s beyond annoying now. For the first 7/8 overs I fielded like a mug; diving over a ball and letting one through my legs. The outfield is very uneven in my defence but it still wasn’t good enough. I turned it around with a decent diving stop at backward point. I don’t field particularly well square of the wicket for some reason but I was OK.

They ended up getting 200 exactly. I started my innings fairly well, hitting an uppercut over point/gully for 4 off my 5th ball but I slowed down a little for a while after that. They had a very tall guy who bowled tight, just back of a length with a lot of bounce. I started to get some of the usual banter from the other teams. Stuff like ‘oh he’s only got one shot here, cut off the cut and what’s he got?’ Then I hammered the ball through cover for four twice in a row and they didn’t say anything after that.

I got to 24 before I got a decent ball. It nipped away of the seam and I edged it to the keeper. Although I got another 20, at least I didn’t get myself out. I rarely nick off, so I know it was a decent ball. 

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