Week 5: Employment & Underuse

Sunday 20th October – Wednesday 23rd October

I’m worried that this is going to get very repetitive. You’ll be shocked to know I spent most of the next few days looking for a damn job. I don’t know why I’m hearing nothing back. Maybe my email is down…

On Wednesday I finally heard back from Brody Grogan, who works at Nudgee College and wanted to tee up some coaching work for me. He wants me in on Friday to help run a trial. After that I would be doing 4 sessions a week for $50 per session. That seems very fair considering a session is only an hour and a half…the benefits of private schools.


Thursday 24th October

Jobs are apparently like London buses. Wait an age for one then two come along at once. I’m now going to be delivering leaflets in the local area. It won’t be much but it should cover my rent, meaning I can start to save the other money. Because I don’t have to look around for jobs anymore, I did nothing at all with today and loved it.


Friday 25th October

Spent the morning killing time before coaching. I found out I’d be doing a one off weekend delivery of the leaflets, so we will go get those later.

Tim Gregory was able to take to me Nudgee as he works there too. Handily he does the same days as I do and drives past the house. There are a lot of nets at the training complex, but no lights and they aren’t the highest quality. I did two sessions, one trial with the new Grade 7’s and one for the existing Grade 7’s. I ran a fielding drill with Chris Sabburg, who has played a few games for the Brisbane Heat, mainly as a fielder.

From there we had to watch the kids net and mark them out of 10 for each discipline and suggest whether they would be an A teamer, B teamer etc. This was hard seeing as I had no prior knowledge of the teams so I was constantly crossing out and remarking. The existing lot were, on the whole, a lot better than the new boys, but a few noobs stood out.

When I got home we went to pick up the leaflets that I’d need to deliver. The area isn’t too big so it shouldn’t be too much hassle.

Didn’t go anywhere or do anything tonight so just watched TV before going to sleep.


Saturday 26th October

Usual Saturday routine saw Pyney picking me up and taking me to Norths for a net before the game. I knew I’d have very little to do today and watching Tim Gregory stroll his way to 100 made me rue my careless indescretion of the previous week even more. We batted until just before lunch and got 120 in front.

Their second innings was just as boring as their first. The scoring rate was slow and we took wickets slowly. I had a day that included 0 overs of bowling and 0 catches. I’ll need to speak to someone and see if they can clarify why I’m not getting a bowl. I did do some fielding at short leg, which I enjoy as I feel like I’m in the game all the time but it wasn’t very interesting. I quickly got used to ducking out of the way as our 'first choice' off-spinner managed to bowl every second ball short. I don’t think I would’ve done that but then again, perhaps he was trying to eliminate a rival...

It’s getting a bit annoying, me not bowling, especially when I think I could do better than the current spinners. At least we’re winning games - losing and not being given the chance to do something about it would be toture.

We’re banned from going anywhere tonight as Paige’s christening is tomorrow. I’m not actually going, seeing as I didn’t bring any clothes that are smart enough but I will need to be present when some people come back to the house for food and drink. I don’t know whether or not I’ll enjoy meeting all these people. I’m very reluctant to mingle with people I don’t know and I’m not good at small talk. However, this is a big deal and therefore a big day for Wally and his family - given their extraordinary kindness, generosity and hospitability in hosting me for the Winter I'll do my very best to be on top form.

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