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EmbeddingWhile most of us are very well versed in using different websites for different purposes, it can occasionally be slightly off-putting for some customers to have to leave your Club's own website and visit our website in order to pay their membership or buy some clothing.

While we can't offer a solution (at this time) that will allow you to fully integrate ClubPay into your existing site, you can 'embed' our site into your site in such a way that it will appear integrated to your customers. All that is required is a simple few lines of code, as shown below.

Firstly, however, a few caveats:

  • The embedded element includes all of the linked page - header, footer, images, etc
  • The height and width specified in the code below is about the optimum size for effective, user-friendly display
  • It will work best on a very simple page on your site - if you are able to hide or remove unnecessary page elements you will get better results
  • You can set the embedded block to be any size you please - if the embedded page is bigger than the block scroll bars will be displayed
  • Because of the manner in which our payment provider pages work, the very last step of the process after paying will return your customer to the main ClubPay site, rather than your site. We therefore recommend that you add customer guidance to indicate that they need to click the back button on their browser to return to your site once the transaction has been fully completed

Embedding ClubPay into Your Club's Website

Add the following lines of code between the <body></body> tags of your page. Remember that for best results the rest of the page should be as simple as possible.

<object data="http://your-clubpay-url .clubpay.co.uk" height="900" width="1020">
<embed src="http://your-clubpay-url.clubpay.co.uk" height="900" width="1020"> Error: Embedded data could not be displayed. </object>

The URLs listed above should be as per the unique ClubPay URL given to you when you were setting up your site, e.g. winscombishcc.clubpay.co.uk

The 'height' and 'width' values are optimal, but can be varied according to your requirements.

While we will always try to help you get this working on your site, we do not offer support or warranties on the code above and if you choose to use it on your site you do so at your own risk.

An example of an embedded page is shown below, using low values for height and width to ensure that it displays properly within the page.


Error: Embedded data could not be displayed.

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