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Buy MembershipLooking to buy a Membership or some Merchandise from your Club? With ClubPay it's easy - we accept most major credit and debit cards and with our clear and simple eForms, paying your membership fees is the work of a matter of moments.

The first step is to locate your Club and its Product page - this will tell you everything you need to know about what you can buy, how much it costs and what information (if any) you may need to provide.

There are several ways to find your Club:

Use the Club's Unique ClubPay Address

All of our Vendor Organisations are given a unique web address that references their pages, e.g. yourclub.clubpay.co.uk. Enter this address into the address bar of your browser and you should be taken straight to your Club's pages.

If your Club has selected the 'Incognito' service it will not appear on the site menus and the address will be the only means of locating it.

You should ask your club for details of their unique ClubPay address.

Use the Categories Box

Most of our Vendor Organisations will appear in the 'Categories' listing towards the upper left of each page. Select the sport and browse the menus until you locate your Club.

Use the Search Utility

The Search Utility towards the upper left of each page can also be used to locate clubs, Products or anything else with a specific and searchable name. The effectiveness of the search will depend to some extent on what your Club has called its Products; for example, if they have called a Product 'Yourclub Annual Membership' it will be rather easier to locate than a Product called 'Annual Membership'.

Completing Membership eForms

The majority of forms are short, easy to follow and ask standard, easy-to-answer questions - most are designed to recreate your Club's paper-based forms. All fields have a (?) symbol adjacent to the label - hover your mouse over this symbol for detailed information on how the field should be completed.

You will need to add each Product to your Basket individually - this applies especially to Memberships. You may want to purchase several Memberships for yourself and your children; you can do so on the same order, but you will need to complete a form for each person and 'Add to Basket' each time. The details completed on each form must be different or the system will not allow you to add the Product to the Basket.

Some Products will allow you to add multiple instances to the Basket in one go by varying the 'Quantity', e.g. a Donation, a Club Cap, a Book, etc.

Cards Accepted

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