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Many of your Products will be quite simple, as will the information you need to collect in order to deliver them - size, colour, name of person attending, and the like. However, one of the most useful features of ClubPay is the ability to collect significant quantities of complex membership data from customers - date of birth, ethnic origin, school atended, CRB status...you name it. This is an essential component of communications, marketing, safety and meeting statutory obligations for accreditation.

We store this data electronically on your behalf, giving you a 24x7x365 online repository of fully searchable information on your members and their preferences that you can download to use in spreadsheets & databases, or create online reports that you can print off and pass to committe, coaches and other appropriate interested parties.

While each individual Order will contain full details of the information supplied by the Customer via the Options fields, working on an individual basis is impractical when you have scores of Members. That's why we created the Sales Reporting facility.

Selecting The Product

A Youth Membership Product will need to capture different information than an Adult Membership Product, which in turn would need different data capture than a Club Shirt. Each Product can therefore have its own unique set of data associated with it.

So having selected 'Orders' then 'Sales Data', you will be presented with a list of all of your Products allowing you to select which Product you wish to report on. Because the data captured will be different for each Product, you can only report on one Product at a time.

You can click on 'Advanced Search Options' to limit the report to a specified period; a range of pre-configured options are available via a dropdown - this week, last month, last year, etc - or you can specify a custom period to suit your needs - as long or as short a time interval as you require.

Vendor Admin Sales Data

In the example above, there is only one Product available to report on for the specified period. Click on the link on 'Product Name' or click 'View Sales Data' to open the on-screen Sales Data report for that Product for the specified period:

Vendor Admin Sales Data Selection

In addition to offering ready access to your membership and other sales data, this screen is effectively an online membership database, accessible from anywhere and from any device that is internet enabled, including mobile phones and tablets.

Extracting Data

Having selected a reporting period and a specific Product on which to report, you may want to extract your data for further use.

The on-screen report shows all of the data you have chosen to capture for the selected Product and is very usable in this form. However, it can also be easily downloaded from this screen to a spreadsheet for onward processing. Simply click 'Save CSV' to initiate the download to a comma deliminated file that can be opened in most spreadsheet applications. You will be prompted for a download location and a filename.

Producing a report that can be sent to a printer or saved as a PDF for emailing is also very straightforward. However, in order to ensure that the report is neatly formatted and because of the potentially large quantities of data recorded for a Product, we have limited the reporting output to a maximum of ten fields. The PDF Report is also sensitive to report length and works best with short, concise reports. Reports of over fifty lines in length may produce sub-optimal results. Report length can be managed by searching for specific date ranges.

We believe this is sufficient for most typical reporting purposes but should a more complex report be required, we recommend downloading to a CSV file for spreadsheet-based report design.

Selecting Fields to Report On

The on-screen version of the report lists each sale as a horizontal row of data, with the individual pieces of data shown as columns. Each column header has a checkbox that allows you to select or deselect the column.

If the column header is checked, it will be included as one of the ten fields allowed in the report. If you try to select more than ten columns for output, the system will display a warning message. You can uncheck a column to remove it from the report.

If no columns are selected, the first ten columns will be reported by default. If fewer than ten columns are selected for reporting, only these columns will be contained in the report.

Note that the checkboxes on the column headers can also be used to determine the data contaned in the CSV download.

When you have made your selection, click on 'Print Report' to produce a printer-ready report like the one shown below:

Vendor Admin Sales Data Reporting

Once you are happy with the output you have selected, you can also choose to output the result to a PDF file. Click on 'Print PDF' to initiate PDF creation. You will be prompted for a location and filename for the PDF file.

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