Payment Management

Having generated the invoice, the next task - and the single most important activity we undertake - is to ensure that your Organisation receives the funds due from Orders from your Customers. This is also undertaken monthly in parallel with invoicing.

To view your Vendor Account Balance - which is also a good way of keeping track of sales - hover over the Vendors Menu and then select 'Vendor Account Balance' from the drop down menu. This displays the 'Vendor Account Balance' screen:

Vendor Admin Payments

On this screen the Search and Advanced Search functions are especially helpful - we suggest one of the first things you do on this screen is to set the Sales Period so that you are working only with those transactions of immediate interest.

Next, you will notice that both receipts and payments are displayed - your sales appear in green and our payments to you in red. For much of any given month, you won't see any figures in red as we won't have disbursed your funds yet.

Within 4-6 days of the end of the previous month, we will invoice you and make a payment transfer for the funds due to you, less our fees and VAT. In the example above, 'Sales Period Total' displays the total amount of all sales in the Sales Period and immediately below it, 'Total Sales Period Payout' shows the amount to be disbursed to you, less our fees at the rate shown in the 'Vendor Commission' column.

We then show a disbursement value (£84.82 in the example above). We no longer need to charge VAT so this value should be zero.

Once your disbursement (and the VAT adjustment) for a specific period is made, the 'Total Amount Due' and 'Total Unpaid Balance' should both be £0.00, indicating that your account is fully reconciled and up-to-date. Note that rounding differences will sometimes mean a display discrepancy of a few pence in your favour. In practice your disbursement is always correct to the penny.

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