Invoice Management

Understanding how, when and how much you have been charged for our services is a crucial part of the relationship between ClubPay and your Organisation. We will invoice you monthly - normally within 4-6 days of the end of the month - and ensure you have 24x7x365 access to all invoices, with a full breakdown of income and charges on each invoice.

To access your Invoices, hover over the Vendor Menu and select 'Vendor Invoices' from the drop down menu. The 'Vendor Invoices' screen will be displayed, listing all of your invoices:

Vendor Admin Invoicing

There are a range of search options available on this screen to help you find the invoice(s) you are interested in. The Invoicing Period will also be clearly displayed.

To view the invoice on screen, click the link on the 'ID' field, or click the 'View' link towards the right hand side of each row. The 'Viewing Invoice' screen will open displaying key details of the Invoice:

Vendor Admin Invoice Detail

As well as viewing the Invoice, you can choose to print it or download it as a PDF. These options are available on the 'Viewing Invoice' screen and also on the 'Vendor Invoices' screen via the 'More' link on the right hand side of each row.

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