Password Management

Like it or not, Users forget passwords - even Administrators! While the system offers an automated mechanism that can assist, there will be times that a manual reset may be required.

From the Customers Menu select whichever of the links immediately beneath is most helpful in locating the User you want to work with. The Search facility can be very helpful in this respect too.

Locate the User in the list and click on the link in the Name field or on 'Edit' towards the right hand end of the row.

Vendor Admin Change Password

When the 'Editing Profile' screen appears, type a new password into the 'Password' field and repeat the password in the 'Confirm Password' field. You can change a range of additional details in this screen if you need to.

Click on 'Save' (or 'Save and Close') to complete the change. If you do not wish to send an email to the User confirming the change - the system does this by default as a security measure - remove the tick from the 'Notify User' box at the bottom of the screen.

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