Customer Management

Without Customers, you have no sales. It is possible to complete a purchase from our site without the Customer having to register, so not all Customers will exist as users, but it is worth encouraging them to do so as this is likely to speed up their shopping experience the next time they use the site.

Hover over the Customers Menu and then select 'Users' from the drop down menu to view all of the Users set up on your Micro-Site. 

Vendor Admin Users

The three options on the Customers Menu look very similar and do essentially the same thing:

  • Users - a listing of all registered users of your Micro-Site, irrespective of the type of user
  • Administrators - a listing of all Administrators registered to your Micro-Site. Normally there will be only one - you - but we can set up additional Administrators by arrangement
  • Customers - a listing of all Customers who have registered and purchased one of your Products

You can click on the link on 'Name' to open the 'Editing Profile' screen, which will allow you to edit the User's details. You should be careful when doing this for a Customer, but there is a 'Notify User' box towards the bottom of the Editing Profile screen which will automatically advise the User by email of any changes made (unless you remove the tick).

Cards Accepted

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