Global Options

Global Options are Options - usually questions to be answered by your Members or size and colour variations - that can be set up on any of your Products across your entire Micro-Site in order to gather information from your Customers. These are different from 'ordinary' Product Options which exist for one specific Product only.

Hover over the Products Menu and then select 'Global Options' from the drop down menu to view the Global Options currently set up on your Micro-Site.

Vendor Admin Global Options 

The Global Options screen contains a number of pre-defined options that we believe should work well for most Vendor Organisations. You cannot edit (or delete) the pre-existing Global Options, but you can create and edit new ones specific to your Organisation.

Click on the Name of a Global Option to view it or click on the 'View' link towards the right hand end of the row.

Applying Multiple Global Options to One or More Products

While you can apply Global Options one at a time through the Product screens, there is a quicker way to set up several Global Options against a Product, or against several Products at the same time.

Towards the bottom of the Global Options screen is an 'Apply to Products' link. Click the link to open the 'Apply to Products' screen:

Vendor Admin Apply Global Options to Product

Use the 'Add Products' link to choose one or more Products that you want to apply some Global Options to - please take care as the default setting is for any Global options selected to be applied to all Products.

Having selected the Product(s) you are specifically interested in, tick all of the Global Options you wish to set up for that Product.

'Apply as Link' means that any change to a linked Global Option will be replicated in the equivalent Option on your Product(s). Otherwise the Option will effectively be copied to your Product and will remain unchanged no matter what happens to the 'master' version.

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