Product Management

Products are the life blood of your Micro-Site - the things you sell to Customers and use to collect data from them. Most Vendor Organisations will have a relatively small number - probably less than ten - which makes it all the more important that they are working effectively for you.

Hover over the Products Menu and then select 'Products' from the drop down menu to view the Products set up on your Micro-Site:

Vendor Admin Products

You can click on the link on 'Name' to open the 'Editing Product' screen, which will give you access to all of the details around your Product. Alternatively, you can delete, close, disable, or hide the Product, and change the Product Price or Product Code, all from the Products screen itself.

The screen also has a number of options available to help search for Products, where required.

There are a number of guides and eForms available in the Support section of the Main Site to assist with creating and updating Products. 

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