Category Management

The main purpose of the Product Menu, at least as far as Vendor Organisations are concerned, is to allow the review and management of your Products, although you can also view the information that appears on your Micro-Site Main page and on the Terms & Conditions page, and work with Global Options.

Viewing Categories

Hover over the Products Menu and then click on 'Categories' on the drop down menu to view the Categories associated with your Micro-Site. We use Categories to help us set up Micro-Sites so the only categories you will normally see will be your Main page and the Terms & Conditions page.

Vendor Admin Categories

Click on either of these to explore the information you provided for these pages. You are not able to change it through these screens; if you need to make a change, please complete the Micro-Site Update form.

You can also use this screen to start creating a Product - please be sure to create all Products against you Main page and not the Terms & Conditions page.

Cards Accepted

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