Sales Reporting

As more and more Customers visit your Micro-Site and significant numbers of Orders come through, the Sales Report screen can help you to collate and analyse information of interest to your Organisation.

Hover over the Orders Menu and then select 'Sales Reports' from the drop down menu to open the Reports Screen. Reporting Categories, with a range of specific reports in each, are displayed towards the upper right of the screen:

  • Order Reports - tables and charts setting out the monetary value, number of transactions and current Statuses
  • Top 10 Products - provides a breakdown of your best selling Products by monetary value and number sold
  • Top 10 Customers - provides a breakdown of your most active customers by monetary value and number of purchases
  • Top 10 Categories - largely used by ClubPay's Administrative team and of limited use to most Vendor Organisations

     NB: monetary values do not include discounts and should not be used for reconciliation

Vendor Admin Reporting

To get the best out of the reporting engine, make sure to use the 'Period' selector at the top of the report area to select the time period you are interested in. We have pre-configured a number of standard Periods - this week, last month, etc - or you can choose 'Custom' and set your own Period.

The available reports are created by our Administration Team and cannot be edited by Vendor Administrators, nor can we add custom reports for specific Vendor Organisations. However, we are always open to developing the portfolio of reports so please feel free to contact us with any ideas or requirements. 

The reports (particularly the charts) are dynamic - you can hover your mouse over a chart area to get more information - and there are several links available to navigate around and find more details.

Vendor Admin Reporting Chart

Cards Accepted

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