Order Management

As soon as your Micro-Site is up and running, you will want to keep tabs on the Orders going through it. The Dashboard  - which is also the default screen displayed after logging in - is purpose designed for this task.

The image below shows the Dashboard screen with a number of Orders having been placed:

Vendor Admin Dashboard with Orders

ClubPay is set up to send an email to the Vendor Administrator to advise of each order received.

There are various places on the Dashboard that feature hyperlinks to the associated data - for example, click on the link on 'Week' to go directly to the Orders included in the total for the week.

The Orders Screen

Hover over othe Orders Menu and then select 'View Orders' from the drop down menu to open the Orders Screen. This serves a number of important purposes:

  • Displays summary information for all (selected) Orders
  • Allows you to locate specific Orders via the Search Function (including Advanced Search Options)
  • Allows you to go into a specific Order to get more detail
  • Send the customer an email by clicking the link on their email address

Please note that Vendor Administrators cannot change Order Status - this functionality is restricted to ClubPay's Administrative staff.

Vendor Admin Orders Tab

Click on the 'Order ID' or on 'View' on the right hand end of the Order row to open the Order:

Vendor Admin Order

The 'Viewing Order' screen is displayed. Once again, various links are offered to assist with navigation and to provide information on this and related Orders. You can also add notes to the Order - make sure to click 'Save' after you have finished. 'Customer Notes' can be seen by the Customer viewing their Order online while 'Staff Only Notes' can only be seen via Administrator account(s).

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