Getting Started

The real business of setting up and managing your Micro-Site starts once the Vendor Account Application and the Vendor Details forms have been completed and approved. We will confirm your status, assign a unique Vendor reference Number and set up your Administrator Account.

Administrator Account details will be sent to your Organisation's main contact and allow you to undertake a number of activities:

  • Tackle important Micro-Site and Product set up tasks - if you are going down the Self Set Up route
  • Manage users
  • View sales data
  • View a range of reports
  • View and print invoices
  • View disbursements

The email sent with the Administration Account details will contain the link to the Vendor Portal and provide your login and initial password. You should login using those details.

Initial Password Change

If all is well, you will be advised that your password has expired and needs to be changed. Enter a password of your choosing (it must contain both letters and numbers) and confirm it before clicking 'Save'. You will now be logged into your Administrator Account and your Organisation's Dashboard screen will be displayed.

Vendor Admin Dashboard

Using the Dashboard

Initially your Dashboard screen will be blank, like the one above, pending sales through your Micro-Site. However, once you are properly up and running this is a great place to get a summary of Orders received and financial throughput. Many of the data items will feature links to take you straight to the item in question.

The Dashboard screen is always the first screen you will see after logging in.

Cards Accepted

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