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Micro-Site Set UpSo you've decided that ClubPay is right for your Club, Congratulations - you know it makes sense! But what next? How do you get from commitment to Customer, from motivation to Membership?

The first step in the process is to apply for your Club to become a Vendor Organisation. We would expect to approve the vast majority of applications but we also need to protect users of ClubPay. The application therefore allows us to check that you are who you say you are and that you represent a bona fide organisation.

Completing the Vendor Application Form

Click here to open the Vendor Application Form in a new window


  • Vendor Organisation: tell us how you would like your Organisation to be known. For the purposes of the site, we normally abbreviate 'Cricket Club' to 'CC', 'Rugby Club' to 'RFC' and so on
  • Description: provide brief details on your Organisation - this is for our benefit and does not appear on the site. You can provide the official description of your Organisation for your Main Page when completing the Vendor Organisation Details Form

Contact Information

  • Applicant Email: email is our primary means of communication with Vendor Organisations so we need an address that you use regularly in case we need to talk to you
  • Applicant Phone: this can be land line or mobile, a personal number or the Club number. Just as long as we can reach the applicant if required
  • Vendor Main URL: please tell us the address of your Organisation's main website - if you have one. This could also be your Organisation's pages on a site like play-cricket.com or full-time.thefa.com
  • Vendor Fax: tell us your fax number if you have one

Vendor Address

These details relate to the address that your Organisation operates from. In most instances this would be the Clubhouse or Pavilion.

  • Address: the address of your Organisations main premises
  • City: please tell us in which city your Organisation is based
  • Country: set to the UK by default. At present we cater only for UK-based organisations but please contact us for information on options outside of the UK
  • County: please tell us in which county your Organisation is based
  • Postcode: the postcode of your Organisations main premises

Although it is important that you give us complete and accurate information, most of these details can be changed at a later date if required.

Next Steps

Shortly after applying, you should receive an email advising that your application has been successful. In order to help us complete the set up of your Micro-Site you will then need to complete the following forms:

Click here to open the Vendor Details Form in a new window

Click here to open the Vendor T&Cs Form in a new window

You should not complete these forms until your application has been approved as we will need your Vendor Reference Number in order to proceed. 

Cards Accepted

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