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ReportingWe've tried to make it as simple as possible to manage your relationship with your customers via our comprehensive and powerful Vendor Admin Portal. However, getting the best from the portal can be challenging without the aid of a portal 'SatNav'.

Our Admin & Reporting section will guide you through the Vendor Admin Portal and help you understand the tools that are at your disposal - ensuring that you are able to manage your club as effieciently and effectively as possible.

There are eleven main areas in this section:

  • Getting Started - help with your initial login and using the Dashboard
  • Category Management - help with viewing and updating your organisation's details
  • Product Management - help with creating, configuring and managing Products
  • Global Options - help with Options - the basic elements from which Membership eForms are created
  • Customer Management - help with managing customers, users and administrators on your Vendor Account
  • Password Management -  help with resetting paswords for you and your users
  • Order Management -  help with Orders and the Order Management screens
  • Sales Reporting -  help with sales and the online Sales Reporting tools
  • Invoice Management -  help with where to find your invoices and details on what they contain
  • Payment Management -  help with details on what has been disbursed to you and when funds were sent
  • Membership Data - help with your critical membership data - where to find it, how to use it and how to print or download it

For any other questions not tackled above, just drop us a note - we'll get back to you directly.

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