Guide to Products

HelpOnce you have completed your Micro-Site basic set up, the next step is to add one or more Products - things you want to sell to your Customers. These could range from a simple one-size-fits-all Club Cap, to a Membership that requires you to collect significant information about the applicant.

Product Features

All Products have some common features, typically:

  • Name
  • Product Code
  • Description
  • Picture
  • Price


Many Product Types need some interaction with your Customer to gather information from them - these are known as 'Options'. There are two main types:

  • Data Collection Options - information collected about the person for whom the Product is being purchased - Name, Age, Medical Conditions, etc. Data Collection Options are typically used for electronic form completion for Memberships or attendance at Training Sessions. Although some pre-configured responses can be used, much of the data collected will be free form text, e.g. Name
  • Product Options - information collected about the Product itself - size, colour, etc. This will generally be selected from a pre-determined list of allowable Product Options, e.g. Small, Medium, green, Blue, etc

Product Types

While the things that you can choose to sell to your Customers are limited only by your imagination and legality, the majority of Products sold through ClubPay fall into a small number of Product Types.

Membership Product

Selling Memberships is probably the primary purpose of the site and the reason why we are here in the first place. Membership Products could be very simple - in the simplest case, you could have no Data Collection Options and no Product Options and simply assume that the Membership is assigned to the person paying for it.

However, life is rarely that simple. If we want to offer the Customer a true shopping experience we need to be more flexible - for a start, the person paying may be a parent wishing to pay for several children at once. For this reason, the vast majority of Membership Products will collect 'Name of Applicant' as an absolute minimum.

More likely, you will want to collect some marketing information to get a better understanding of your Members and you may need to collect further data to comply with various Standard marks and Accreditations.

A typical Membership product will therefore collect between five and twenty pieces of information - you have a once a year opportunity to find out more about your Members so why waste it?

Subscription Product

This one covers a multitude of situations and isn't really all that different from a Membership Product. We refer to it as a Subscription Product because it is typically used in situations where you want to offer your Customers access to a service for a limited period.

Examples might include Specialist Coaching, fees for attending Indoor Training, Match Fees, tickets for an event and so on.

Typically a Subscription Product would only collect information on the name of the person for whom the Product was being purchased.

Merchandise Product

Typically a Merchandise Product will need the Customer to make a selection - for size for example - and the selection may vary the price.

An example might be a Club Cap that is available in Adult (£10) and Child (£8) sizes. The Product would have all of the typical Product Features, above, plus a selection drop down box for size selection. The price charged would vary according to the size selected.

Simple Product

As the name suggests, the simplest, most basic product. It will have most if not all of the Product Features above, but won't collect data from the Customer or ask them to select Product Options such as size, colour, etc.

Examples would include an item of merchandise like a Club Tie that comes in a single size and style or a Donation, where the Customer either decides to donate or not.

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