Signing Up

Signing UpSigning up as a Vendor Organisation is quick, easy and best of all, entirely free. We need you to provide us with some initial information to make sure your Organisation is genuine and then a little more - logos, accreditation, etc - so that we can help you start setting up your Micro-Site. After some configuration and testing you should be good to go.

The process will normally work as follows:

Process Flow

So how long does it take

Predictably enough, the answer is 'it depends' - firstly on how quickly you can provide us with the information we need; secondly on how large or complex your Micro-Site needs to be; and finally on how busy our team are and how much you are able to do for yourself.

We often set up Micro-Sites from scratch inside a day (assuming you supply the details we need), but it's better to work to a plan of between two and four days. This also ensures we have robust quality control in place.

However, if you are under time pressure you have our commitment that we will work with you towards any and all reasonably sensible timescales.


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