FAQsSo far as we are aware, ClubPay offers a service that is unique within this market - you are therefore bound to have questions.

We've tried to describe the big picture in the 'Services' section and there is a downloadable and printable PDF brochure (382k) for those wanting something that they can take to Committee for discussion.

So the FAQs are really here to mop up anything that hasn't been covered elsewhere. We will add to these FAQs over time and as new questions are raised. If you would like more information on any subject, you can write to us through the 'Contact Us' link on the menu at the top of each page.

Q: Who can use ClubPay?

  • A: Pretty much anyone. We see our target market as being amateur and voluntary organisations but we are always pleased do discuss individual or 'creative' solutions. Please use the 'Contact Us' menu option to raise any queries

Q: Why should we trust ClubPay?

  • A: We're a small company that has been operating for three years and we have an excellent reputation with our customers. We can provide referees from other Vendor Organisations. If any of this leaves you with lingering doubts, then you shouldn't use us. Any company can go bust, especially in the current climate, but we are comfortably solvent, we don't have business loans, our credit rating is excellent and we don't answer to shareholders who might push us to take reckless risks in pursuit of profits

Q: How come other card payment services are cheaper than ClubPay?

  • A: We offer a complete package - all card processing costs, building and hosting a site to sell your products & services, collecting membership data and presenting all this back to you in a way that makes it easy to integrate with your current processes. We even store historical data for you meaning you can access all of your data in one place online. Other providers tend to offer card processing only (be careful to look for hidden extra costs), meaning that you need a fair degree of expertise to build a site to present your products and interface with the payment gateway

Q: So how do you set your prices?

  • Credit card processing is not cheap; we need to cover the associated costs, other overheads, administrative costs and staff time & effort. Don't forget we also help to build and then host your Micro-Site. ClubPay is a service to not-for-profit organisations - our long term business model is likely to use advertising sales to generate profit. We are not in the business of stripping hard earned funds out of amateur organisations

Q: Can you help with payment problems?

  • A: Of course. It's unlikely that you will experience problems with the payment process itself but you can be assured that if we have incorrectly charged your card we will sort it out without delay. If you are overcharged by the Vendor Organisation because they have given us the wrong information it is their responsibility to correct the error but we will try to help where we can

Q: Can you help with disputes with Vendor Organisations?

  • A: Short answer? No - we are sympathetic and will support where we can, but your dispute is with the Vendor, not ClubPay. We do our best to ensure that all Vendor Organisations are bona fide - we haven't had any problems as yet - and if we ever find we are having regular problems with a Vendor we will step in, terminating their account if necessary

Q: Why has my card been declined?

  • A: Insufficient funds in the account is an obvious one, of course, but more commonly it is because some element of the information provided doesn't match that held by our payment service provider:
    • The Name provided with the Order doesn't match that on the card being used for payment
    • The Address Details provided with the Order don't match the billing address details held against the card being used for payment - particularly common where someone has recently moved house or named a house where previously it had a house number
    • The Postcode provided with the Order doesn't match the billing address details on the card being used for payment
    • The CVV2 or Security Number provided with the Order doesn't match that on the card being used for payment - rare, but it can happen
    • Your browser has 'cached' or stored the rejection page and is simply re-displaying that instead of getting the success page fresh from our site. It can therefore sometimes be worth clearing your browsers cache if you are having problems

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