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Full T&CsWe try at all times to be as friendly and as customer focused as we possibly can - we want to work with you as partners, not policemen - but it is vitally important that all parties clearly understand their responsibilities and are aware of the risks.

By the very nature of our services such risks are small, but they are nonetheless real, so you need to understand the measures that are in place to protect ourselves and more importantly, to protect you.

Click here for the full, unexpurgated version of our Terms & Conditions. We would recommend that you take the time to read these in full. We ask you to agree these Terms & Conditions each time you make a purchase through ClubPay.

A summarised, 'user friendly' version of these Terms & Conditions is also available for guidance purposes only.

Please note that these Terms & Conditions apply to both Vendor Organisations and their Customers. Not all aspects of all provisions and policies are necessarily applicable to all users of ClubPay and where there are elements that apply to one group of users but not another, we have tried to make this clear.

For the avoidance of doubt we recommend that all users read all sections.

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