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The same forms engine that drives the collection of data from customers as they purchase Products can be used for a range of other forms-based data collection.


We have created three examples below to show how the process might work. First of all, you should note that these forms are still effectively Products. However, while the formal submission process means that it is clear who submitted the form, we do not want them to go through a payment method at checkout so the price should be set to zero. Checkout also means that the data from the form will be accessible under Orders - Membership Data in the same way as any other Product form.


Most of the benefits are identical to those offered for any other type of product - collated data, secure online storage, ease and convenience of access, audit trails, etc. In this case, the emphasis moves from sales and financial value to robustness of data and compliance.

In addition, anyone - coaches, parents, officials, players, spectators - can submit a form simply by accessing your microsite.


For those who prefer self setup, the tools are already in place and you can move on at your own speed - don't forget the potential offered by the new Option Headers. We have also created a number of new Global Options that you can deploy on your own forms as you see fit - please remember not to link to the original Global if you want to be able to customise your version of the Option.

If you would like us to duplicate any of the existing forms to your micro-site to act as a start point then please let us know. Equally for those who prefer assisted setup, simply let us know what you would like your forms to look like and we will make it happen.

One of the best features of ClubPay is the way in which it helps to encourage the sharing of ideas and approaches to things that we all do on a regular basis to benefit our customers and members. Options Headers came about as a result of a suggestion from a Vendor, for example.

We are therefore keen to share great ideas and best practice. If you can see a use for our forms that we may have missed please let us know - we may even be able to find a small gesture of thanks.

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